Win Awesome Cash Drops At 888 Casino

888 Casino brings their players almost AU$2.000 available on their 888VIP and 888Xtra live blackjack tables.

Numerous promotions await players who visit 888 Casino on a daily basis. The casino will give out AU$8 every time a player hits 8 on the roulette table.

Whichever bonus, game or promotion option players chose, the casino will reward them well with cash drops. 888 Live casino also features an amazing live chat option which enables players not only to talk among each other, but with the casino staff as well.

For this particular promotion, 888 casino will give out cash prizes on two of their live blackjack tables – 888Xtra with AU$100 cash prize and 888VIP with AU$150 cash prize.

888 Casino Gives Random Cash Drops At Live 888VIP Deck

There are many games that bring plenty of excitement, but none of them does it like roulette. With this amazing promotion, players will get an opportunity to win one of 12 bonus cash prize card with the overall value of AU$1,200.

You will get an opportunity to enjoy the promotion as soon as you chose the 888VIP table. The pool prize consists of three bonus card groups, each with a potential to bring four amazing prizes. First bonus card group brings AU$150, the runner up brings AU$100 and the last group awards players with four cards worth AU$50.

For those who want to join the promotion must do so anytime between 13:00 and 1:00 Greenwich time. Winning cards will be credited to players’ accounts 12 hours after the daily event finishes.

Blackjack Brings Xtra Daily Prizes

There are always players who seek more actions, which is why 888 Casino prepared 888 Xtra table with Xtra promotions. The prizes may be lower than the ones on VIP table, but they bring enough cash for everyone. For this promotion 888 Casino has prepared 4 groups with 3 awards with the daily amount of AU$750. The rules are pretty much the same as with VIP table.

The bonus cash cards will have 3xAU$100 written on them. Each of the next three groups will have bonuses with AU$25 less than the previous one – rules remain the same.888 Casino is packed with awesome casino games, bonuses and promotions so it practically does not matter which option you go with. There will be plenty of winnings at 888 Casino, so do not worry about wasting your money.