The Solitaire game also known as “Patience” is a well known game which almost everyone knows how to play. However, as simple as it is, developing one or more strategies is something that will most definitely increase your chances of winning or mastering the game. What makes one Solitaire player successful is planning and predicting the game, which can be done only by developing a certain strategy.

Learning the rules
As obvious as it seems, knowing all of the rules is the first and very important step towards winning. Learn the rules, practice them as long as it takes and you will be ready to play the game and hopefully win.

Move the Aces and Deuces
Keeping the Aces and Deuces will only complicate your game, so whenever you see Aces or Deuces in the cards given from the Stock or the Deck move them to the Foundation.
The same rule applies to the other cards as well. Whenever it’s possible to free a down card, always pick that card because the more cards you have in play the easier it is to finish the game.

Keep your stacks even
Remember that keeping your stacks even is very important. If it’s impossible to take the cards back from the end piles, always make sure that the cards you place on them cannot be used to free any of the down cards.

Free the card that is on the biggest pile
If there is a possibility to free one or two down cards, always choose the one that is in the biggest pile. Keep in mind that there will be situations when you can free a bigger pile by removing a card on a smaller pile.

Cards in the Foundation cannot be moved
Be careful with placing the cards on the Foundation which is located in the upper left corner, because once you do that you cannot move the card to any other place.
Build your Foundations carefully
Think twice which card you will place in the Foundation. Please note that sometimes it’s better to keep certain cards in the Stock because they can help you move the cards.

Move the Kings only if it will improve your game
This refers to moving the King and therefore making a new stock. Don’t make this move for no particular reason. It’s something you should do only if you get a real benefit out of it.

Goal of the game
Every move you make should take you one step closer to placing all the cards in the Foundation, which of course is the ultimate goal of the game.

Be quick
Practicing a lot in addition to having a sharp mind will help you finish the game faster. This is very important considering the fact that the best Solitaire players are the ones that finish the game with the fewest number of moves.