Having an active mental life is as important as having a regular physical exercise. Just as being physically active makes our muscles grow stronger, mental exercises keep our minds sharp. One very effective and productive tool for that is the game Solitaire. Whenever you find yourself searching for an activity to do at home, a game of Solitaire is the perfect answer for you. Besides being fun, this game is extremely useful. It will enhance your intelligence, help you avoid thinking of irrelevant or stressful things which is very helpful, especially to those dealing with anxiety or overthinking. It’s a strategic game, but it won’t exhaust you or make you feel tired. On contrary it will relax you and it will enhance your intelligence.
            Short escape from reality
Solitaire is a well-known game for many people throughout the world, especially among owners of Windows Machines. It’s a type of game that keeps your mind busy by having a soft mental activity which is much better for your overall health than watching TV for an example. It’s a simple game with simple rules, but It will keep your mind busy and will help you escape from your problems for awhile. That means that it’s very helpful when it comes to easing emotional distress. If you are having a hard time forgetting about all the things that worry you, a game of Solitaire will keep your mind focused on the play only and will relax your brain. Staying intellectually engaged by playing this type of “brain-games” can also help protect our brain from memory loss.
            Can be played alone
Solitaire can be played alone, so if you want to take some time alone and relax this game is perfect for you. If however you want to play with other people you have the option of playing this game online. That means that you don’t need to waste time looking for other players, explaining the rules of the game or worrying whether they are going to like the game.
If you have long breaks at work, instead of sitting in front of the PC and waiting for the time to pass you can play a game of Solitaire. Not only that it will help you “kill” time, but it will also relax you and make you more focused afterwards.
           Self-esteem boost
There is something very rewarding about winning a Solitaire game. it will affect your self-esteem, meaning you will better about yourself. The game is created in a way that it challenges you enough to make the whole playing and winning as an accomplishment. Having a bit of luck on your side is also helpful.