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About Free Solitaire Game

With millions and millions of downloads free Solitaire game is one of the best game apps on the market. This solitaire online game is always being updated with fun and quirky features. If you played Windows Solitaire and are looking for the classic feel, this is one app that you will truly enjoy playing with. Widely popular among card games fans, this is exactly the kind of app that will caught your attention. The best part, however, is that this game includes innovative and fun daily challenges. These challenges appear every day for testing your logic and training your brain. Solve these challenges to receive a crown for that particular day. You can also earn trophies by winning the maximum crowns. In case you’re willing to learn more about this game, here is a complete insight on the features and the tweaks.

Fun and Addictive

Our app is probably one of the best options for people who are looking out to play solitaire with the classic feel. You can draw one or three cards like the old school game. Likewise, you will also get to try out winning deals and take part in fun challenges. The Vegas cumulative feature will help keep you to keep the score rolling and you will find some of the most addictive and unique ways to play.


Daily Challenges

This is another remarkable feature. With the fun solitaire game you will get to unlock new challenges every day. With the daily challenges, you will be required to complete unique and innovative feats on a daily basis. It is these challenges that keep the classic game, new and out of the box. So, you can play and enjoy every day for a challenging experience, every time you play it.

Classic Gameplay

This is what keeps this game an edge ahead of every other popular solitaire game. The classic look and feel, the features and tweaks are completely modern. You can change the view either in portrait or landscape mode. Likewise, you can also analyze your progress and style of playing with the statistics tracker of the game. You can customize the tables and the cards according to your preference. Another thing that we really found impressive is the fact that you can now remove the status bar and the menu that fully utilizes the navigation bar. This, however, will need a 4.4 version or more of Android. You also won’t need Wifi or internet for the random deals. You can play anywhere and everywhere.

Trains Your Brain

Probably one of the most impressive features is that it trains your brain and keeps your mind really sharp. This is the conventional logic puzzle and you can actually enjoy mental fitness. Whether kids play are playing it or adults, this will turn out to be a fun and engaging experience for one and all. The achievements, puzzles and the challenges will test your logic skills and keep you hooked for a long time. You can also play this game in both landscape and portrait mode.

Immersive Mode

Another impressive feature is that it lets you play in immersive mode. Various old school games get infused with new fun and life with the immersive mode. You can play free Solitaire games with absolute distraction.